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Our Work

First Focus is working to change the dialogue around children’s issues by taking a cross-cutting and broad based approach to federal policymaking. In all of our work, we seek to raise awareness regarding public policies impacting children and ensure that related programs have the resources necessary to help them grow up in a healthy and nurturing environment.

Our continuously expanding portfolio of work reflects the multidimensional nature of children’s lives. We recognize that the most effect policies for young people are often those that reach across policy silos. First Focus is committed to pursuing a federal policymaking approach that best meets the dynamic needs of children.

  1. Child Health

    Child Health

    First Focus is committed to making health care more affordable, accessible, and reliable for all children in America, with a special emphasis on our nation’s low-income children and families.

  2. Children of Immigrants

    Children of Immigrants

    First Focus believes that federal policy related to education, immigration, health care, and other issues affecting children must take into account this growing demographic and ensure that all children and families, regardless of immigration status, have the opportunity to live the American Dream.

  3. Child Welfare, Rights and Safety

    Child Welfare, Rights and Safety

    First Focus works to ensure that the needs of children in foster care are adequately addressed in federal policy discussions and proposals. In addition, First Focus’s rights and safety portfolio is dedicated to ensuring that our children’s citizenship and legal rights are preserved, and that every child grows up free from physical and environmental hazards.

  4. Early Childhood

    Early Childhood

    Unquestionably, meeting the comprehensive needs of children during their early years has the greatest impact on the long-term well-being of children. First Focus’s early childhood portfolio seeks to address child nutrition, child care, health care, and early childhood education, ensuring that children grow up to lead healthy and productive lives.

  5. Education


    The nation’s education system is the largest public system for children and youth, touching the lives of nearly every child in the country. And yet, federal policy governing our schools is inherently flawed. First Focus’s education agenda centers on meeting the comprehensive needs of students in order to help them reach their full potential.

  6. Tax and Budget Policy

    Tax and Budget Policy

    Investing in our nation’s children is not only a shared responsibility but also the surest way to promote future growth and prosperity. First Focus is working to highlight the status of children in the federal budget and to increase overall federal investments in children. As part of this effort, First Focus promotes the centrality of children and their families in the federal tax code.

  7. Child Poverty and Family Economics

    Child Poverty and Family Economics

    Economic insecurity in childhood can often lead to lifelong disadvantages, ranging from poor health to low achievement in school. Helping working families provide that security is essential to ensure that all children can fulfill their potential. First Focus is working to lift the more than 14 million underprivileged American children out of poverty by increasing the federal investment in economic supports.

  8. Juvenile Justice

    Juvenile Justice

    Youth who come into contact with the juvenile justice system are at serious risk of negative life outcomes and often in need of significant intervention. First Focus is working to increase federal investments in prevention and intervention efforts and identify and promote cross-sector policy solutions in an effort to work towards a brighter future for all of our nation’s children.

  9. Advancing Research and Data

    Advancing Research and Data

    The federal government sponsors several studies and research projects that provide invaluable information on the well-being and welfare of our children. Unfortunately, major gaps still exist. First Focus supports existing efforts and urges Congress to devote more resources toward understanding how our kids are faring and how we can better meet their needs. When it comes to policies that affect our kids, facts come first.

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